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Radiata Pine Finished Goods

One of Buildpro’s specialities is the manufacturing and supply of finished wood products for various markets around the world. Buildpro has the capacity and know-how to produce a range of quality wood products to suit the requirements of your market.


Buildpro can offer a range of machining options including S4S / D4S / DAR and profiling to meet your requirements.


Various treatments options are available such as CCA, LOSP or ACQ ranging in hazard class from H3 to H6.


All final packaging can be customised to the customer’s requirements. Generally all finished wood products will be plastic wrapped to protect against dirt, dust and moisture and to ensure a high standard of presentation.

Buildpro has regular monthly programmes of the following products:

  • Solid and finger jointed mouldings in a number of different grades. Finishing options include a raw finish, painted finish, treated finish or treated and painted.
  • Solid dressed-all-round (DAR) or surfaced four sides (S4S) boards. Grades vary from high end Number One Clears and C-Select grades down to Standard and Better and Merch grades. Programmes are supplied to customer requirements and can either be random length product or cut-to-length product.
  • Decking for markets in Asia, Europe and Australia. Each market has its own specific requirements such as grade, size, profile and length spec.
  • Edge Glued Panels. From panels as small as 300mm x 450mm to larger panels such as 1220mm x 2440mm. Thickness range between 9mm and 38mm and grades are generally clear, small tight smooth knot or knotty. Edge glue panel is generally finger jointed and laminated however some options for laminated with no finger joints are available.
  • Framing and Construction Lumber for structural and non-structural applications, available in a range of finishes including rough header (RGH) and S4S as well as being available untreated or treated.
  • Treated and Primed Boards, Fascia and Weatherboard/ Siding is available with various paint finishes and treatment options and is generally supplied as a finger joint product unless otherwise requested.
  • Components for a range of applications such as the furniture manufacturing industry and retaining wall products are regularly produced to exacting specifications.