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New Zealand Beech

New Zealand Beech is a medium density hardwood that is largely grown under sustainable management plans in the Western Southland region of New Zealand.

Beech is lightweight, has superior turning and machining properties and is suitable for use in many interior applications including various applications in furniture and joinery industries through to high end architectural applications.

The Beech species are anatomically similar to American Maple, Cherry, Birch and European Beech. There are also distinct similarities to the highly valued European Pearwood in both timber and veneer. Beech has the desirable properties of fine even texture and characteristics of even wearing, good machining, turning and finishing qualities.

Once fully seasoned, Beech is extremely stable, and less prone to tension wood, split, warp or collapse than other hardwoods. Beech machines well, with minimal sanding needed to achieve a high quality finish, and also stains, polishes, paints and glues well. Naturally resistant to borer, New Zealand beeches also provide an attractive option for consumers seeking a chemical free environment.

Buildpro can cater for customers who require mixed shipments of New Zealand Beech and Radiata Pine.

New Zealand Beech Wall Lining