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LumbaCrib™ is a strong and attractive structurally engineered geotechnical timber crib wall system. It is designed for the construction of small residential jobs up to large civil engineering projects.

LumbaCrib™ has been exported around the world and can be seen in many high profile landmark installations in New Zealand.

The success of the LumbaCrib™ timber crib wall system is based on:

  • NLong established gravity wall concept
  • NLightweight interlocking timber components make for easy construction
  • NPreservative treated to H5 for long service life
  • NHigh structural integrity achieved through interaction of the LumbaCrib™ components and granular fill
  • NManufactured in New Zealand from renewable plantation forestry resorce
  • NFSC certification available
  • NSimple to construct


Flexibility of design allows LumbaCrib™  to be utilised either square or curved in face from 0.5 to 7.5 metres in height.  The strength of this product lies in its ability to meet required engineering standards while presenting an attractive architectural appearance.  Varying engineered solutions allow the use of different header lengths to be mixed within the same structure for maximum economy or in large structures, double or even triple-skin walls can be created for optimum support.  Designs can be achieved to create different shapes and to form benches.  This can enable better land utilization and match the contour of existing land.

Renewable Resource

Produced from plantation grown New Zealand Pine, LumbaCrib™  timber crib wall system is a product in keeping with growing and valid awareness of environmental issues.

  • Plantation forest farms
  • FSC certification available


All components are pressure treated to NZTPA H5 using CCA. This treatment is proven and provides full protection from termite and fungal attack.  AllLumbaCrib™  timber crib wall system components carry a 50 year guarantee against rot and termite attack, but have an expected service life well in excess of that.


Easily handled and implemented components make LumbaCrib™  timber crib wall system the preferred choice for all parties involved in the project from designer to engineer, from installer to owner.


  • From domestic applications such as simple landscaped walls to major civil engineering solutions
  • LumbaCrib™ can also be used to create free standing vertical sound and safety barriers
Lumba Crip Photo


LumbaCrib™  is supplied domestically in pack lots and in full twenty-foot containers for export customers.  LumbaCrib™  arrives in strapped and glutted packs allowing for easy transportation and ensuring dimensional stability of the components upon arrival at site.


  • FSC Certification if required
  • NZTPA treatment plant certification
  • Buildpro LumbaCrib™  QA

Typical Construction