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Merbau / Kwila ~ Decking, Interior Flooring, Furniture, Joinery

Buildpro imports Merbau, or Kwila (Intsia bijuga, Intsia palembanica) as it is commonly referred to in New Zealand, for various applications in the domestic New Zealand market.

The most common application for Kwila in New Zealand is as a premium quality decking product however it is also used for interior flooring, manufacturing outdoor furniture and exterior and interior joinery applications.

Kwila is dark red – brown in appearance, naturally durable and very stable. Kwila will turn a silver – grey colour over time if left uncoated. Kwila is a dense timber with one cubic metre of Kwila weighing approximately 870 kilograms. Due to its density Kwila can be harsh on wood working tools however it holds fastenings and fixings well and accepts stains and oils well making it a favourable choice for many outdoor applications such as decking.

All Buildpro Kwila carries Independent VLO (verified legal origin) documentation.

Kwila Decking Timber Import